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  • 6 Months
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Clinical Research Training Institute in Delhi | 100% Job Guarantee

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CRBtech's clinical research training institute in Delhi has on offer the best pharmacovigilance training course with unlimited interview calls and guaranteed placement.

India is not new to Clinical research. It has been here for quite a while now, with India all geared up to become a hub for it ! An industry that is showing constant development, is always on the look out of qualified professionals. Owing to the country's growing population, clinical research has transformed into a fast developing vertical. Lower amount of investment required, and a host of other suitable factors is what brings multinationals over here, and have their research facilities set up. Different kinds of ailments and diseases present here, serve to be beneficial to plan and execute clinical research trials here itself, as far as the pharmaceutics domain is concerned. If you want to make your career in this domain then join the best clinical research course now.

In clinical research, lies a career alternative that promises immense professional growth.

Going by the job statistics, there exist in the vicinity of 50,000 clinical research jobs in India! A large number of research labs present here, are definitely a contributor. If one is to consider the salary package, the average range happens to be 3 lakhs to 25 lakhs per year!

Amongst the various clinical research training institutes in Delhi, CRBtech is a career development company that has on offer, a clinical research training programme that molds the aspirants by providing them with knowledge and an industry oriented skill-set.

If one is interested in becoming a clinical research executive, then the got to have skills include good presentation skills, non-verbal and verbal communication, ability to motivate, efficient interpersonal skills, customers centered approach, numerical ability, an eye for detail, creating and maintaining long lasting relations with peers etc.

Clinical Research course highlights

  • An increase in the confidence levels
  • A complete range of career opportunities
  • Stay upfront amongst the untrained peers
  • Get a higher pay package
  • Bridging the knowledge gap by acquiring the latest in-demand skill-set

What you get

  • Unlimited placement calls
  • Collaboration with 500+ clients
  • Learn from corporate trainers
  • Project guidance
  • GD-PI & aptitude preparation
  • Earn & Learn Programme
  • Life time support guarantee
  • HR grooming & Mock interview sessions
  • Upgrade bilingual skills to the next level
  • An international placement guarantee
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As one of the top clinical research training institute in Delhi, we at CRBtech, always aim to build the career of the trainees with our exclusive industry oriented practical training programme.

Clinical Research Training in Delhi

About Clinical Research Training Programme

While searching for one from the various training providers in Delhi, that give formal training in clinical research and pharmacovigilance, what one needs to do is search for the best training institute. One that has experience and an association in this very domain, that is of sufficiently long duration. Ensuring this would increase the probability of receiving quality training, and a skill-set that the industry asks for.

The modules that form a part of our clinical research training programs , are structured in a manner with the intention to provide a solid foundation for the trainees, before they step out. Apart from this, it is meant to refine their collaboration and networking skills as well. Clinical Research training like these, would result into both better clinicians and independent investigators.

Skills useful for a multi-faceted career in the clinical research domain, would be cultivated in the trainees. Apart from that we also provide assistance in clinical research certification.

Clinical Research Training Programme Outline

The syllabus of this clinical research course in Delhi, would be providing an in-depth knowledge of the below topics:

  • Basics of clinical research
  • Basics of pharmacy and pharmacology
  • Phases in clinical trials
  • Drug development process
  • Clinical trial methodology
  • Regulations in clinical research
  • Clinical trial management
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • History of clinical trials
  • Ethical considerations in CR

The modules dedicated to add-on skills are listed below:

  • Soft skills
  • Foreign language training
  • Aptitude skill development
  • On project training

Why join CRBtech-

  • More than 500 MLCs and MNCs is what CRBtech is collaborated with
  • Trainees get the chance to better their presentation and communication skills, by attending the dedicated workshops/seminars, which are conducted regularly at CRBtech, the best clinical research training institute in Delhi.
  • At CRBtech, you will also be trained on not just the core aspects of the language, but the technical/scientific terminologies in that language as well.
  • CRBtech is known for the BEST in campus recruitment.
  • Prime locations, latest amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure form the characteristics of CRBtech offices. The ones that help the top facilitator of clinical research training in Delhi, provides the corporate edge to its trainees.
  • Get mentorship and guidance, directly from the industry experts.
  • A 100% placement record is what makes CRBtech stand out.
  • We offer preparation assistance for Clinical research certification.
  • Fees is no more a worry, as it is affordable.

CRBtech offers an exclusive Clinical research training course, for all the aspirants with the above mentioned features.

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